About Us

Choice Pens is the result of a crazy mix of events.

I come from a family that has had a longstanding creative vein (my grandfather was a very skilled architect from Florence, Italy, and my mother a very creative women's accessories designer), and I’ve always had an inclination towards crafts, design and art, yet, I never had the chutzpah to act on it since my fundamental education was in Marketing and Finance. On 2016, and for many personally related matters, I had to come up with something that I would not only enjoy doing, but financially viable.

My father collects all sorts of themed knick-knacks, from Eric Clapton stuff, to electric guitars both playable or miniatures, to Peter Max art and memorabilia). Among his "collection of collections", he has an interesting group of pens that have always caught my curiosity. At the beginning of the year, I received among all the pile of garbage advertising magazines, one that caught my attention: how to make beautiful wooden pens and accessories, and I decided to learn the skill of how to use all the machinery needed for Wood Turning, surprisingly, I came up with really nice results! Turns out (no pun intended...), I do have some of the family creativity in me after all! All of this sequence of events, led to the creation of Choice Pens.

My aim with Choice Pens is to really stand out among both aficionado and professional woodworkers, and create a really unique line of pens with tasteful color combinations and an interesting yet different materials selection.

I am always on the hunt for interesting woods (reclaimed, historical, or just plain beautiful) and crazy acrylics, enamel or combinations of many other materials that can really pop up and catch the attention of the user/collector. All the handcrafted pens that I create, are aimed to be as outstanding from the rest as possible, both in design, quality and finish.

I cater to end users that appreciate using a quality writing instrument or has the need for an exciting personal or corporative uncommon gift.

If you're not 100% satisfied with your writing instrument, let me know so that I can make it right.

Thank you for visiting!