Noodler's Ink │ Heart of Darkness (4.5oz Bottled Ink)

Noodler's Heart of Darkness is a popular permanent black fountain pen ink that comes in a 4.5oz bottle with a built-in glass eyedropper so you can easily fill your eyedropper-convertible pens.

This ink is popular for its very dark color and performance on absorbent paper, particularly its ability to resist bleed through and feathering. If you don't have a say in the quality of the paper you use, this ink is one of the best for you.

Heart of Darkness is named after Joseph Conrad's book by the same name.


  • Bulletproof (UV resistant, bleach resistant)
  • Archival and fade resistant
  • Forgery resistant, impervious to lasers, alcohols and solvents.
  • Waterproof

Category: Featured, Ink

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